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Altın 1.683,06

Fotoğraflar, kadınlar ve erkekler…

Good riddance. What about my servants? Bender, I really hope that's you, because if it isn't… we're in trouble. You jerk! Why'd you have to drag us along? I wanted to watch you remember me. You thought you'd need this junk in the afterlife? Afterlife? If I had to go through another life, Rot in peace. Fry and I are leaving. Sorry, but we're totally sealed in. Nothing can get in or out except millions of snakes. Have a pomegranate schnapps from my distillery… and start sharing fond memories of me, Bender.

I am not! It contains a parallel universe! And when you create a parallel universe. by evil twins. Now look, I am not evil. My loan officer said so. wouldn’t you, Leela? Or should I say, Evilla? This is awful! Somewhere, there’s a more evil Bender than me! I do my best, damn it! I want you to snoop around the other universe… and find out how evil they are. Here. I tell you, they’re not evil. But don’t be confused. They are jerks. Come out of your universe with your hands up! Oh, wow! It’s like that drug trip I saw in that movie.

Stop! What are ye doing? Whaling on the original were-car, which is you, jerk! Ye think me be he? Nee. I mean no. I was given the curse many a year ago… while on a bird watching trip to The Arctic. by a vicious motorized sled. The natives called it the abominable snowmobile. It’s true. I ran over that bird-watching jerk and 100 others. Even my best friend from aromatherapy school. I once had a best friend who liked to smell things with me. Alas, I’m not the original were-car.

Also, eat plenty of oatmeal, and animals never had a war. Who’s the real animals? And thus against all probabilities, it happened. Dang! I’m sure I don’t need to explain that all dark matter in the universe is linked in the form of a single non-local meta-particle. Stop patronizing us. So, in one instant, I had transformed all dark matter everywhere into a new crystalline form… making it the most potent fuel since primitive man first ignited mastodon flatulence to heat his cave.

The box is gone, but we still have one preposterously slim hope. Is it a kind of hair spray? We must attempt to make another box containing our universe. Well, is that your universe in there? Hmm. All women. I’ll put this one aside for later. We’ll never find your universe in time! on my fat head! Yes, it’s the apocalypse, all right. I always thought I’d have a hand in it. I’m not sad, because I finally found someone as great as me. make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver- And the other’s gold.

Zoidberg. Okay, everyone calm down. The professor and I will work on the ship. Bender, ZoidbergSince you can survive under water… you’ll go out and find food. I better go too. They don’t know what I like. No! The pressure will crush you like a snake under a sugarcane truck! Not necessarily. This is a chance for Fry to test my experimental anti-pressure pill. I can’t swallow that! Well, then, good news! It’s a suppository. How are you doing there? Glad to hear it! Look at me! I’m Dr.


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